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Lenel S2
Lenel S2
Prepared for today.
Ready for tomorrow.
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Lenel S2

Netbox is the Browser-Based Flagship offering from LenelS2
V2 Systems is a Master Certified Partner

Lenel S2 provides innovative and superior solutions that enable organizations to protect their people, operations, and information, including S2 Net box On Guard and Elements.

The full-featured, browser-based NetBox access control and event monitoring system is easy to install and use.

NetBox access control systems can scale to meet a range of deployment requirements.

On Guard® is part of the next Generation of Award-Winning Security Platform that offers customers a flexible total solution with an unparalleled feature set. 

The LenelS2™ Elements™ system is a comprehensive yet simple, unified access control and video management solution built for the cloud. From single-site access control and video surveillance to more complex systems, the Elements' system contains all the key ingredients for an effective and scalable, cloud-based solution, providing businesses – from small- too medium-sized to enterprises with satellite locations – with a brand-new security option that is as simple as it is essential.

Industry-leading access control solutions
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Openpath Logo

AVIGILON ALTA Formally Openpath

Flexible cloud-based solutions

Reliable mobile access control with smart video and intercom capabilities, cloud-based software, and an open ecosystem. Fast. Flexible. Future-proof.

Implement everywhere, manage from anywhere. Openpath’s agile mobile access control solution with remote management capabilities enhances safety at every level, without sacrificing convenience.

Centralize your enterprise-grade access control system with the agile cloud-based platform, all managed remotely from anywhere in the world.

  • Site-specific controls for every location and user on a single interface

  • Reduce IT costs with no expensive licensing or software to renew

  • Effortlessly add new entries, and locations, or scale back your system

  • Boost productivity with instant credentialing in the cloud

  • Customize visitor access with a PIN or digital Guest Pass credentials                                                                          

  • Mobile access reimagined. Strengthen security posturing, reduce cost, and improve building experiences with Openpath.

  • Fastest, most reliable mobile access. Sub-second unlocks with patented Triple Unlock technology, even through Internet and service outages.

  • Remote system management. Manage your entire database from any web browser, on any device, wherever you are.

  • Integrated video and access. Powerful visual verification with mobile monitoring, remote unlock, and two-way audio.

  • Easy to install. Standard wiring eliminates the need for servers or a dedicated IP network for a frictionless installation.

  • Smart security for every door. Complete access control with video, voice activation, turnstile, and elevator solutions, plus Schlage® wireless lock integrations.

Avigilon elitepartner
Avigilon Unity Access

Avigilon Unity

Scalable Enterprise solution
V2 Systems is an Avigilon Elite Partner

Avigilon Unity Access (formerly Access Control Manager) is a physical access control system for enterprise-class installations, designed to protect people, property and assets. With advanced alarm and identity management, Unity Access provides superior control of access to facilities. This 100% browser-based solution offers the flexibility to respond to alerts from anywhere. Its unification with Avigilon Unity Video (formerly Avigilon Control Center) offers a powerful, end-to-end security solution to monitor and secure sites 


The unification of Unity Access with Unity Video provides enhanced security in your facility. Working better together, incorporating a video component helps you to verify access control alarms, informs your access control responses and links visual and physical matches for superior situational awareness.


Brivo On Air

Flexible cloud-based solutions

The original cloud-based access control solution trusted by millions. Protect your building, employees, visitors, customers, residents and data with Brivo. 

Employee Badge in Apple Wallet.
Now on iPhone and Apple Watch.

With employee badge in Apple Wallet, staff can easily access their corporate spaces with just their iPhone or Apple Watch—from doors and elevators to turnstiles and more. It’s easy, convenient, and private. 

Brivo Mobile

Get office access, manage your smart home or view live surveillance video, all from your phone with Brivo mobile solutions

Brivo Authorized Dealer


Our cloud-based software works with most existing hardware to modernize access control, automate overtime HVAC management, and streamline submeter billing.

Genea’s completely cloud-based access control portal is built to be managed from anywhere you are. Manage credentials, monitor all access activity globally, and assign mobile keys from any device, anywhere, at any time.  

Assign Mobile or Physical Keys with Ease

Genea’s cloud-based platform lets office administrators assign access keys in any form, from physical key fobs and cards to mobile keys that let employees open doors and gates by simply using their phones. Whatever key you prefer, Genea’s access control system can accommodate it.

A Cloud-Based
Access Control Portal


Command Centre is the powerful software at the heart of Gallagher’s integrated security solutions, a centralized platform that gives you unparalleled control of every aspect of your site.

Command Centre provides the ultimate solution to manage your people, site, business and building.

Command Centre is the powerful software at the heart of Gallagher’s integrated security solutions, a centralized platform that gives you unparalleled control of every aspect of your site.Command Centre provides the ultimate solution to manage your people, site, business and building.People management • Intelligent access control • Easy credential management • Smooth visitor and contractor management • Powerful emergency response Site management • Effective site monitoring • Robust perimeter security • Advanced site management and business management reporting • Real-time alarm management Business management • Easily manage compliance • Pro-actively manage site health and safety Building management • Reduce energy costs • Identify critical faults early • Support modern work environments With you all the wayFully scalable and supported by continuous investment in research and development, Command Centre will always be ready to support your future growth and changing security requirements.From perimeter solutions, intelligent access control and building management, right through to critical sites with some of today’s highest security requirements, Command Centre is designed with your people, site, business and building management in mind

Security Solutions you can trust
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