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Credentials and Readers

One of the leading manufacturers of proximity cards


HID is one of the leading manufacturers of proximity cards and are one of the standards of prox access control systems. They are simple to use and are compatible with all HID proximity cards readers. PVC HID cards are easy to print on and create designs. HID security cards are commonly used for access control in office buildings, campuses, schools, and universities.HID

Identity at the core of our solutions

Signo / Multiclass Se. Highly Versatile — Support for the widest range of credential technologies, including HID Mobile Access® via native Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC). ƒ Unparalleled Performance — Ultra secure storage of cryptographic keys on certified secure element hardware, plus a new surface detection feature that enables the reader to automatically recalibrate and optimize read range performance. Connected to the Future — All readers include out-of-the-box support for Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for secure bidirectional communication

Mobile Access

With HID Mobile Access, you can use a mobile device as a credential to access doors, networks, services and more. Leveraging Seos® as its underlying credential technology, HID Mobile Access can significantly increase convenience, boost efficiency and maximize security.



Allegion’s reader lineup delivers global security and functionality requirements to meet the access control needs of any facility or business.


Schlage readers offer a complete solution that features functionality allowing for an effortless migration path from legacy cards to future technologies including NFC based smart cards, LEAF and Bluetooth mobile credentials. 


 Mobile ready Schlage® MTB readers deliver maximum capabilities and compatibility in one single unit for simplified access control. The MTB15 wall mount is designed to support Bluetooth® (BLE) and NFC technologies in addition to reading both proximity and smart, allowing a seamless transition to more secure credentials at customers' own pace.

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