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Emergency Vehicles

Privacy & Compliance

Adaptable to local requirements and changing regulatory requirements. Add biometric security to help meet HIPAA compliance. 

Contactless and secure access to protect narcotics, hazardous areas, and authorized personnel zones.

The healthcare industry has numerous requirements around privacy and compliance. Secure access is needed to protect access to narcotics as well as infrastructure that houses critical data (ex. Patient information and PII). Not only must the access be secured, but audit logs are necessary to ensure you know who has had access to what, where, when and why. 


Access control solutions to protect sensitive areas and critical assets 

Video surveillance and monitoring with intelligent analytics            Intrusion detection systems

Emergency Lockdown solutions

System design and installation

Preventative maintenance and service plans

Custom software and systems integration

Access control solutions to protect sensitive areas and critical assets, including;

Card access control and Biometric access control

Video surveillance cameras and video monitoring

Security command and control consoles

Active shooter detection and mitigation solutions

One card  ID solutions

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