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Contactless Access

Safely re-opening schools and campuses is critical right now. Schools need to be able to screen students, faculty and visitors to ensure the health and safety of their people.

Security for your students, staff, visitors, and critical data.

Campus-wide solutions to protect students, faculty, dorms, and sensitive data.


Schools and universities house extensive personal data on faculty, students, and alumni. Schools have the responsibility to protect not only the data of students and faculty but the people themselves. V2 security systems solutions provide secure access to physical and digital assets by letting the right people in and keeping the wrong ones out.  

System design and installation

Preventative maintenance and service plans

Custom software and systems integration

Access control solutions to protect sensitive areas and critical assets, including;

Card access control and Biometric access control

Video surveillance cameras and video monitoring

Campus security command and control consoles

Active shooter detection and mitigation solutions

One card student ID solutions

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