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Visitor Management

Welcome visitors into multi-tenant buildings


Welcome visitors into multi-tenant buildings

Centralize visitor registration in the front lobby and leverage property-wide analytics to power secure, thriving workplace communities. 

Bring people together with a flexible workplace platform.

Join thousands of companies that rely on Envoy to efficiently manage hybrid workplaces, so everyone inside can connect, collaborate, and thrive.

Peace of mind for you and everyone who enters your workplace

Welcome guests with the beautifully simple solution that safeguards your workplace and supercharges your front desk.



PassagePoint Software

Improve your company image and streamline the visitor registration process with PassagePoint, an on-premise security platform designed to enhance the safety and security of your facility. PassagePoint’s extensive customization capabilities and add-ons are specifically designed for school districts, global corporations, multi-tenant buildings and hospitals unique security requirements worldwide

Streamline the visitor registration process
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